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hyperkratom strains

Buy Kratom from HyperKratom if you are in the Philippines.

HyperKratom can be purchased in powders or in capsules.

Hyper White

hyper white

Hyper White is a great nootropic strain that contains alkaloids which helps with the stress treatment, depression, panic attacks, and energy boosting. This strain enhances memory, concentration or other cognitive functions which gives a positive effects to such hyper energy and good mood all day. It also helps individuals to remain focused and get the work done all through out the day.

Serene Green

serene green

Serene Green has pain relief properties as its main effect. These properties can help those who are suffering from various pains including headache, muscle pains, joint pains and migraines that gives serenity all throughout your day.


Bed Red

bed red

If you are looking for powerful pain reliever, bring sense of euphoria and sleep regularization, this strain creates the most extended feeling of relaxation when compared to other strains. Bed Red will put you to sleep like a baby and feel an absolute relaxation the next morning you get up.


Feedbacks from clients say that each strains help them improve their mood, induces the feeling of their well-being, relaxed and peace of mind, boosts energy and pain reliefs, which results to a healthier and better life.

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Kratom Powder Price


100g – 850Php
*200g – 1500Php

*should be from the same strain


Kratom Capsules Price


100pcs – 950Php

200pcs – 1800Php

*should be from the same strain

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