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Your KRATOM Source in the Philippines



As a Kratom user for years, it has helped us to make our lives better, fuller and livelier but because it is rarely known in our country, it has always been a struggle to avail or buy Kratom in the Philippines. 

And so HyperKratom makes it attainable for everyone to obtain their own Kratom at its reasonable price and fastest service possible.

We assure you that all the HyperKratom products that you avail is at its highest form of quality as that’s what we also would love to so we all would STAY HYPER! 

Hyper White

Hyper white

Known as the strongest strain of all three. It is a stimulant and mainly on uplifting mood, energy booster which gives more hype, and focus. Which results to why its the best-seller.

Serene Green

serene green

Popular for its chronic pain management. Feel serenity after taking this strain.

Bed Red

bed red

Good for relaxation and recommended to be taken before bed.

who is hyperkratom

HyperKratom is your kratom source in the Philippines. 

We provide the most authentic and potent Kratom in the world delivered at your own home.

This has been tested,  proven, approved by first-time and long-term Kratom users.

We are HyperKratom and we “STAY HYPER!” 

your daily dose

Whether you love to start your day energized, boost your mood, focused on finishing workloads, relief your body aches or just wanted end the day with a good sleep, HYPERKRATOM have all the best strains for you!

Hyper White, Serene Green, and Bed Red will serve its purpose… and that’s to make our day-to-day easier and better.

Kratom Leaf

Travel Essential

Going somewhere but don’t want to mix Kratom during travels? HyperKratom got you!

We made it easier for HyperKratom to be your travel-buddy.

Placed in a capsule, it is more convenient to still take your daily dose.

Capsuled kratoms are best recommended for first time users who might want to try and STAY HYPER.

why choose hyperkratom

Shipping Guaranteed

shipping guaranteed

Free shipping within 24 hours of confirmed orders.

Customer Service

customer service

If we fail to provide 5-star customer service, your order is FREE!

Quality Service

quality strains

We only sell the best or your money back. 

We give our clients not only the best quality of KRATOM but also the best SERVICE we could offer.

Kratom Powder
Kratom Capsules
Kratom Mixed


I am a long-term and daily user of kratom, it helps with my PTSD and completely relieves the pain when I have a lower back flare-up. HyperKratom sells the highest quality of kratom available.

Barry Cooper, CEO

Just wanted to thank the HyperKratom team for putting out this great line of high quality kratom! It highly potent just a little goes a long way believe me!

Christian Kierulf

Very effective products, been buying from them on regular basis now, and continue to do so, very nice and accomodating seller too.

Kenneth Caminade